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    Advocate, lobby and /or petition your congressional representatives to sponsor, co-author, or support legislation affirming and promoting the inalienable rights of all human beings. It’s also necessary to promote the well-being and parity of the nation’s diverse communities along with the care and preservation of Mother Earth-our common home.

    Advocate, lobby and / or petition your local, county, state and congressional representatives to sponsor, or support progressive climate change policies. New and innovative models of health care, production, consumption and sustainability must be explored. 

    We cannot ignore the prevailing catastrophic impact of climate change nor the impacts that are forthcoming. However, with the aid of science and technology, New Frontier's local initiatives, and the establishment of local, county, state and regional Climate Change Preparedness & Resilience Task Forces (President Obama’s November 01, 2013 Executive Order 13653), we can predict and plan, as best we can, for the impacts of climate change that cannot be avoided.

    Join the Climate Change Preparedness & Resilience Summit Planning Committee.

    Join the New Frontier Climate Change Assembly Conference Planning Committee - become a New Frontier Climate Change Assembly District Leader.

    New Frontier Projects & Initiatives


    Multi-Cultural Senior's/Elder's Caucus

    Multi-Cultural Millennial's Caucus

    Climate Change Preparedness and Resilience Task Force

    Research Network

    Civic Involvement & Civic Engagement


  September 2015, Eric Dillard requested a meeting with Congressman Hank Johnson to discuss the prevaling impacts of climate change (and the cold war between the United States and Russia over Antarctica's resources) on the communities in our 4th congressional district.


  My colleagues and I met with Rep. Johnson (in his home office in Lithonia, GA) November 24, 2015. With guidance and assistance from his staff, we followed up on the initiatives discussed in the meeting.


  Standing in the group photo (left to right) are Eric Dillard (The Wellness Consortium), Congressman Hank Johnson, Steve Valk(Citizens' Climate Lobby) Marilyn Neal (PR-All About Books and Media), and Dr. Janet Young (The Natural Pathway, LLC).

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